Healing Soundscapes


Karen began exploring the healing benefits of sound due to her own experiences living with chronic Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, migraines, and anxiety.

Playing singing bowls has been a beautiful and meaningful way for her to manage stress in a self care way, whenever needed. Scientific research is actually showing evidence that the frequencies, harmonics, and vibrations created by singing bowls can also benefit the physical body in many ways, including by reducing cortisol (the stress hormone), lowering heart rate, and supporting the immune system. Healing happens at the cellular level and through entrainment of our brain waves to the sound waves, helping to restore harmony to the body.

(An excellent resource to learn more about the health benefits of sound is the book The Healing Power of Sound by oncologist Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD)


Music is known as "the universal language." The listener is invited to find beauty and peace in the present moment through soundbaths using Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tingshas, Koshi chimes, and local Vermont nature sounds. Just as with her artwork, Karen intuitively creates these soundscapes from her heart.

Every bowl has a fundamental (primary) note plus overtones. Each of those notes is associated with a chakra, for example Karen's "Green Tara" Tibetan bowl primarily plays a C note, which aligns with the Root chakra. Combined with her blue Crystal singing bowl in G note, an interval known in music theory as a "perfect fifth" is created. The resonant frequency of a "perfect fifth" is profoundly healing.


Karen has always hoped her art creations can help others by being a source of joy and positive support through uplifting imagery. Often within her art works, there is the suggestion of an allegorical dichotomy of light and dark: tempering the interweaving threads of perseverance, challenges, and “storms,” with themes of empathy, hope, and joy. She approaches sound therapy and life with a similar perspective. With the beautifully resonant frequencies and vibrations of singing bowls, Karen hopes to provide a harmonious and supportive environment to foster the healing effects of sound and help others feel more able to return to moments of joy even when life presents challenges. 

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