Many of my fondest memories include animals, especially horses, as well as partaking in the great outdoors, everything from gardening to hiking state parks. An assignment in third grade asked each student to envision their future and declare an occupation. While my peers stated “fireman, doctor, teacher, nurse” etc, I alone boldly proclaimed “artist.” Throughout the years, my vision widened to include “writer,” a dream I continue to pursue alongside my visual art. 

I love creating expressions of nature scenes through varying mediums, depending on my mood and how I wish to portray the particular subject. Not content to limit myself to one medium, I enjoy photography, watercolors and acrylics.

Amidst the challenges of chronic Lyme disease, I continue to explore the realm of natural aesthetics, embracing whimsical beauty through my artwork to evoke an emotional thread between us and the animals and landscapes amongst us. I thank God for blessing me with the gift of art, that I may share it as an ambassador for the natural beauty He created, hopefully touching hearts around the world with a message of love for all living things. New England’s natural beauty persists as my greatest source of inspiration; her myriad creatures are my infinite muses. More than ever, my photography and paintings serve to link me to the natural world, echoes of adventures experienced before I was so sick. 

Learning to customize model horses has allowed me to celebrate my great love for horses in a 3-D artistic form. I primarily paint them with layer upon layer of pastels to bestow a realistic “softness”. Many of these model horses have moved on to bridge the gap between painting and photography. Once painting is completed, it is rewarding to then set-up the horses for a photo shoot in the actual outdoors, such as in Huntington with a view of Camel’s Hump beyond, hopefully causing the viewer to pause over the blurring of the line between realistic art and nature.

ABOVE: Pasteling a model horse

BELOW: The model horse featured in top photo, now completed and coming to life in an outdoor photo shoot