Amidst the challenges of living with chronic tick illness and fibromyalgia, I have continued to explore the realm of natural aesthetics in my acrylic paintings and photography. Through whimsical beauty and dramatic contrasts, I endeavor to spark reflection upon our relationships with the animals and landscapes increasingly overlooked in a fast-paced, human-oriented society, with the hope of evoking an emotional thread to our natural surroundings. My ultimate goal is to capture and share the essence of my subject.

One of the greatest compliments for me as an artist was witnessing two viewers moved to tears by my photograph ‘Soul Therapy.’ One of them confessed that she did not consider herself a ‘horse person,’ and went on to explain her amazement at how even so, this photograph of therapy horse Ladybug made her relate to her own personal experiences in ways she found hard to fully articulate into words. For me, creating art that awakens a deeper emotional connection is one of the most extraordinary and rewarding challenges to achieve.

Within a single piece, there is often suggestion of an allegorical dichotomy of light and dark: tempering the interweaving threads of perseverance, challenges and ‘storms,’ with themes of empathy, hope and joy.

ABOVE: Pasteling a model horse

BELOW: The model horse featured in top photo, now completed and coming to life in an outdoor photo shoot